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Circle by racing bike or E-bike to the 

Zonta International Convention 2022 at Hamburg

After the great success of the bicycle tour to the District Conference at Zermatt in September 2021 we are organizing a new bicycle/E-bike tour to the Zonta International Conference held from the 25th to 28th 2022 in Hamburg. We will be meeting up in Göttingen and then cycling for 3-4 days the 300 km to Hamburg, which will include several activities and meetings with other Zontians on the way.

No matter what type of bike you prefer - a racing bike or E-bike - everybody is Wellcome.

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Englisch: Willkommen
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Aims of Zontabike

We want Zonta to be seen

Why are we planning this?

  • We would like to deepen the friendship of our Zonta International members and are looking forward to seeing many participants from Germany and from all over the world.

  • Our message “No violence against women and girls” is centrestage of our activities. With our orange cycling jerseys we will be real eyecatchers and hopefully raise awareness en route.

  • We also aim to collect donations for organizations which support affected women or carry out preventive work.

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Tour Stages

Changes possible

Image by Christian Lue


Juni 2022
pack and get started

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21.6.22   18 Uhr

Image by Georg Eiermann


Stage 1

Image by Jonathan Kemper


Stage 2

Image by Bennet


Stage 3

Image by Niklas Ohlrogge


25.6.2021  16 Uhr

Reception in Hamburg

Image by Georg Eiermann


Stage 1

It is of course possible to participate in single stages, a combination, or all.

Englisch: Wir stellen uns vor



We will provide you with a list with several possibilities to overnight.


We ride our own racing bikes or e-bikes with large engines. Rental bikes can be organized at cost.


Your luggage will be forwarded from stage to stage. 

Lunch package

You will be provided with fruits and snacks.


Anyone who is able to cycle a distance of 80-100 km per day within 4-5 hours.


You need a bicycle in good condition, with a saddlebag or backpack for the daily needs.

Every participant will receive an orange cycling jersey as a part of the starter package. Bicycling shorts should be black.


The price for the inscription for the whole tour is 100 € (1 day 50€, 2 days 75€, 3 days 90€). This includes the jersey, luggage transportation, en route catering and the support vehicle.


We are sure you have around your friends or companies who like to sponsor this campaign.

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Noch Fragen?
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Füllt einfach das Formular aus oder sendet uns eine e-Mail:

just fill in the form or send us an e-mail

- Gudrun Antoni (Zonta Club Weinheim) 02/30

- Ellen Platz (Zonta Club Karlsruhe) 02/30

+49 (0) 15234046324

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Danke für's Absenden!

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